GOSTD Shade Mix

10% MANETTO hard fescue
30% SABRENA 1 rough stalk meadow grass
30% WAGNER/CALLIOPE chewings fescue
25% SAMANTA slender creeping red fescue
5% HIGHLAND browntop bentgrass

Produces an excellent, dense, shade tolerant turf.
Sabrena 1 rough stalked meadow grass germinates quickly, providing lush green growth year round.
Tolerates mowing down to 25mm, but to avoid over stressing the sward, we recommend that a more relaxed mowing height of approximately 50mm.

Mow: down to 25mm
Pack size: 20 kilo
Sow: 35-50g per square metre
Oversow: 25-50g per square metre


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