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  • GOSTD Tennis Loam at Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne. Danny Negus, Head Groundsman. Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD 125 for many years now & have always been impressed by it's consistency in both quality & performance on all our cricket squares." Mark Jolliffe, Head Groundsman, Taunton School, Somerset.
  • "GOSTD 125 has been my choice of cricket dressing since 1995, I know I am going to get the same quality year on year." Richard Ayling, Grounds Manager, Merchant Taylors School.
  • "I have used GOSTD cricket loams as a first class groundsman for many years because the quality of the material is superb & consistent year on year." Andy Mackay, Head Groundsman, Sussex County County Cricket Club.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD products for many years at various locations, always with outstanding results. They have helped to achieve true, firm surfaces on my cricket squares & tennis courts." Steve Fidler, Head Groundsman. St James Senior Boys School, London.
  • "As long time partners, Surrey Loams Ltd has been key to success at Twyford House CC where we provide firm wickets with a consistent bounce that supports a good level of competitive cricket and wickets that allow developing young cricketers to bat with confidence. " Sean Neville, Head Groundsman, Twyford House Cricket Club.
  • "I've been using GOSTD SuperNatural & GOSTD 125 from Surrey Loams Ltd for 20 years & they consistently produce top results." Philip McCormick, Head Groundsman, Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports & Social Club, Stormont.
  • "We have successfully used GOSTD from Surrey Loams Ltd for over thirty years to produce quality pitches." Chris Westbrook, Grounds Manager, Hursley Park Cricket Club.
  • "England coach Peter Moores & former captain Michael Vaughan believe the wicket at Emirates Old Trafford is one of the best in world cricket!" Matt Merchant, Head Groundsman, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Old Trafford.
  • Northern Lawn Tennis Club Des Ruchwaldy, Head Groundsman, The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, Manchester.

GOSTD Delivery Policy

Please read the following information carefully prior to placing your order with us.
If you have any concerns about the delivery process or would like to clarify anything, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tail Lift Deliveries

All GOSTD products that are to be delivered on pallets, this would be all 20kg bags and smaller deliveries of 1 tonne bulk bags, will be by 3rd party hauliers using a tail-lift and manual pallet truck process.

The pallet will be delivered using a tail-lift vehicle and manoeuvred using a pallet pump truck. For this reason we can only guarantee delivery to the KERBSIDE or if possible and at the drivers discretion, a drive way or hard standing close to the delivery vehicle, it should be remembered that the vehicle delivering your order will be heavy, and if required to leave the public road that its total weight could be 7.5t, 18t or 26t. All deliveries where the driver agrees to your request to leave the public highway are your full responsibility. 

Crane/HIAB Deliveries

All larger GOSTD product deliveries or if you have requested a crane off load, may in the case of 20kg bags arrive on pallets that will be craned off. All crane offload deliveries of bulk bags (fibc) will be without pallets. All crane/HIAB deliveries are carried out by 3rd party hauliers.

HIAB delivery vehicles are normally rigid and longer than normal lorries, the longest have a total length of up to 18 meters, so will need good width access at your location for turning, require a height access of at least 3.6 meters, they also require good firm ground so that they can deploy side supporting jacks whilst off loading, also you should ensure that there are no overhead telephone or power lines that could cause a problem at the off loading location. HIAB vehicles delivering your order will be heavy, and if required to leave the public road bear in mind that it has a total weight of 18t or 26t. All deliveries where the driver agrees to your request to leave the public highway is done at your full risk and responsibility. 

We CAN only deliver if:

  • You have an even, smooth and/or hardstanding area
  • There are no obstructions like trees, overhead cables, etc
  • Your location has enough room to accept a 7.5t, 18t or 26t lorry
  • You have enough room on your driveway - If not, delivery will be made to the KERBSIDE

We CAN’T deliver if:

  • The delivery is to be offloaded onto gravel, stone, grass, soft or uneven surface
  • The lorry was has to go on any type of incline or slope during off loading process
  • There are obstructions such as trees, cables or wires, etc
  • The pallet has to be lifted over an obstruction. like a KERB or STEP. (On Pallet Deliveries Only)

Any ATTEMPTED but failed deliveries will be charged to you, if you have failed to provide us with detailed delivery information and the subsequent delivery is deemed impossible, due to your failure to read and understand the GOSTD Delivery Policy. 

The charge for an 'Attempted Delivery' and 'Re-Delivery' starts from £45 + VAT.

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