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  • GOSTD Tennis Loam at Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne. Danny Negus, Head Groundsman. Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD 125 for many years now & have always been impressed by it's consistency in both quality & performance on all our cricket squares." Mark Jolliffe, Head Groundsman, Taunton School, Somerset.
  • "GOSTD 125 has been my choice of cricket dressing since 1995, I know I am going to get the same quality year on year." Richard Ayling, Grounds Manager, Merchant Taylors School.
  • "I have used GOSTD cricket loams as a first class groundsman for many years because the quality of the material is superb & consistent year on year." Andy Mackay, Head Groundsman, Sussex County County Cricket Club.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD products for many years at various locations, always with outstanding results. They have helped to achieve true, firm surfaces on my cricket squares & tennis courts." Steve Fidler, Head Groundsman. St James Senior Boys School, London.
  • "As long time partners, Surrey Loams Ltd has been key to success at Twyford House CC where we provide firm wickets with a consistent bounce that supports a good level of competitive cricket and wickets that allow developing young cricketers to bat with confidence. " Sean Neville, Head Groundsman, Twyford House Cricket Club.
  • "We have successfully used GOSTD from Surrey Loams Ltd for over thirty years to produce quality pitches." Chris Westbrook, Grounds Manager, Hursley Park Cricket Club.
  • "I've been using GOSTD SuperNatural & GOSTD 125 from Surrey Loams Ltd for 20 years & they consistently produce top results." Philip McCormick, Head Groundsman, Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports & Social Club, Stormont.
  • "I’ve used GOSTD Loams from Surrey Loams Ltd throughout my career and there is no doubting the quality. It certainly helps us to prepare our cricket pitches to the highest standard" Pete Flewitt, Head of Gardens and Grounds, Trent College
  • "England coach Peter Moores & former captain Michael Vaughan believe the wicket at Emirates Old Trafford is one of the best in world cricket!" Matt Merchant, Head Groundsman, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Old Trafford.

  • Loams

    Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings

    Our extensive range of GOSTD loams are made by the careful selection, blending and grading of natural loams, soils and sands to achieve the finest possible grades of sports turf dressings, fundamental in the construction and maintenance of today’s ever demanding sports and leisure industry.

    We produce premium quality graded loam top dressings for the maintenance of traditional grass Cricket Wickets, Tennis Courts, Football, Rugby and Hockey Pitches, together with Golf and Bowling Greens and Special Loam Mixes made to your own specification.

    GOSTD loams are batch analysed and tested by one of the leading independent soil science laboratories in the country, "Soil Science Wales" to ensure their consistency and compatibility.

    Surrey Loams Ltd manufactures under it's own unique "GOSTD" brand of loams, an acronym of "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings", for both the professional and amateur sports turf industry.


  • Gardening & Landscaping

    Designed for Tree and Shrub planting, propagating and potting on, our GOSTD C2000, loam based, PEAT FREE Organically Enriched Loam provides plants with a naturally unbeatable growing medium when planted out.

    Organically Enriched Loam ensures quicker and more reliable development, reduces failures and replanting costs and satisfies all the current environmental thinking and considerations. No more inadequate, pot bound, root balls in dried out soil-less compost. No more restricted root development when planted out into natural soil.

    GOSTD M2000 Organic Mulch is a proven method of cutting down on weeds and retaining moisture with the added benefit of making your garden look great too! Click to find out more!

  • Sports Ground & Fine Turf Fertiliser

    Surrey Loams Ltd stock a wide range of fertilisers for all sporting, leisure and landscaping applications.

    So whether you require pre-seeding fertilisers, spring/summer or autumn/winter fertilisers we are sure to be able to supply the perfect one for your conditions all year round. We only stock the finest quality organic granular and microfine granular fertilisers.

    Microfine fertilisers are perfect for sports turf as it quickly reaches the roots without the application of excessive water, essential for constantly used sports grounds.

    The benefits of fertilisers, both organic and inorganic, in providing the nourishment plants need is undeniable. Used wisely they encourage strong root systems, healthy leaf growth and protect against disease.

    Call Freephone 0800 500 3900 to discuss your own particular requirements.

  • Grass Seed

    Welcome to the latest grass seed range.

    This year sees further enhancements in grass seed mixtures together with newly improved cultivars with superior turf characteristics.

    These improvements all go a long way to providing the customer with better seed products for an excellent playing surface.

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GOSTD - pronounced 'GHOST' "GOSTD" The 1st Trademarked loams in the UK! GOSTD stands for "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings", read all about it here.

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Now celebrating 110 years of trading, you have arrived at the grass roots of the loam industry.

Established in 1908 we are the original blended loam manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

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