GOSTD Tennis Loams – Used at many venues around the UK

Our 2017 season was one of the busiest for GOSTD Tennis Loam, this included a higher level of Construction Loams than was expected for the year, as well as Top Dressing materials sent all over the UK and into Europe.

Our attention to detail during our blending process is one of the things that sets us apart from other blenders in sports turf dressings, and working alongside top Tennis venues to produce a tennis  loam that consistently meets and exceeds their requirements, has proven to be a winning soil combination all round.

New tennis court construction saw us producing higher than normal Base Loam products this year, and our production team worked long hours to ensure that orders could be blended, analysed, packaged and then shipped within the agreed timescales. Seeing the articulated lorries leaving our site with full loads of Pallets, Tonne Bulk Bags and Tippers on route to the customer has been a very satisfying to witness, and a really positive confirmation that GOSTD Tennis Loam is up to the job.

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