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The GOSTD Story

George Hone, Surrey Loams Ltd's founder, had a problem, how to protect his product. After all anyone can sell Surrey Loam. As long as it's from "Surrey" it can be called Surrey Loam!

The fact is you can collect random samples from any field in the country only to discover vast differences in the analysis of the loam. The same applies in Banbury, Kettering, Ongar, Boughton and any other location, they are all natural deposits after all.

They only way to ensure success is to give nature a helping hand and combine the positive qualities in a vast selection of quality loams.


The GOSTD logo is derived from the fact that we manufacture what can best be described as "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings". The GOSTD Trade Name and Trade Mark were introduced in 1984 for the express purpose of protecting our products and our customers, see "About Surrey Loam" for more information.

The "Ghost's" or "GOSTD's" began their rise to fame the same year and can be blamed on Matthew Hone, George Hone's youngest son's grasp of spelling when at the age of 10 years old he was asked what GOSTD spelt! The rest as they say is history, and the "GOSTD's" have endorsed our product range ever since, as distinctive as ever, a mark of quality and trust.

Family Owned and Operated

We have been supplying our range of sports loam and garden products across the UK and Europe for over 50 years, a testament to their quality.

Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings

GOSTD 70:30

GOSTD SuperNatural

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  • Loams that are produced to exacting standards
  • Knowledgeable staff just a phone call away
  • Blending special/bespoke mixes to your specification
  • Technical expertise to assist with compatibilty
  • The same high service level for 20kg to 100,000kg

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