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About "Surrey Loam" and our "GOSTD"
"Trade Name" and "Trade Mark"

After many reports, conversations with interested parties and observations on the renovation and construction of cricket wickets over the years we have become concerned that our Company Name "Surrey Loams Ltd" has become synonymous with both Top Dressings and Construction Materials being marketed as "Surrey Loam".

Since 1979 we have followed the precepts of Prof. W. A. Adams of the "The Soil Science Unit" at The Institute of Biological Sciences, University Of Wales, Aberystwyth and since his retirement his colleague Dr. Russell Young MBE. JP. CSci. of "Soil Science Wales Ltd" and we are confident that our "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings" marketed and distributed under the Company's "GOSTD" Trade name and Trade mark since 1984 meet today's exacting requirements.

Indeed it is well documented and those who have utilised our "GOSTD" Brand Products over the years since they were introduced are today still producing consistently good wickets, tennis courts and playing surfaces.

Our soils, loams and sands are drawn from many counties over a wide area of central southern England in order that we may process our "GOSTD" Brand Loams.

To this end we would like to point out the following:

1. Surrey Loams Ltd "The Company" only produces GOSTD brand products - an acronym "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings" - under our GOSTD brand trade mark.

2. The Company's products are only marketed and delivered with a "Surrey Loams Ltd" delivery note bearing the Company's distinctive "GOSTD" "Trade Name" and "Trade Mark" as pictured below.

3. The Company's products are only bagged in distinctive Black and White polythene bags bearing the Company's distinctive "GOSTD" "Trade Name" and "Trade Mark", as shown in the picture below.

Supplies of any material not meeting with the criteria in items 2. and 3. above DO NOT originate from our Company "Surrey Loams Ltd".

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We have been supplying our range of sports loam and garden products across the UK and Europe for over 50 years, a testament to their quality.

Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings

GOSTD 70:30

GOSTD SuperNatural

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