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  • GOSTD Tennis Loam at Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne. Danny Negus, Head Groundsman. Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club, Eastbourne.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD 125 for many years now & have always been impressed by it's consistency in both quality & performance on all our cricket squares." Mark Jolliffe, Head Groundsman, Taunton School, Somerset.
  • "GOSTD 125 has been my choice of cricket dressing since 1995, I know I am going to get the same quality year on year." Richard Ayling, Grounds Manager, Merchant Taylors School.
  • "I have used GOSTD cricket loams as a first class groundsman for many years because the quality of the material is superb & consistent year on year." Andy Mackay, Head Groundsman, Sussex County County Cricket Club.
  • "I have used Surrey Loams GOSTD products for many years at various locations, always with outstanding results. They have helped to achieve true, firm surfaces on my cricket squares & tennis courts." Steve Fidler, Head Groundsman. St James Senior Boys School, London.
  • "As long time partners, Surrey Loams Ltd has been key to success at Twyford House CC where we provide firm wickets with a consistent bounce that supports a good level of competitive cricket and wickets that allow developing young cricketers to bat with confidence. " Sean Neville, Head Groundsman, Twyford House Cricket Club.
  • "I've been using GOSTD SuperNatural & GOSTD 125 from Surrey Loams Ltd for 20 years & they consistently produce top results." Philip McCormick, Head Groundsman, Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports & Social Club, Stormont.
  • "We have successfully used GOSTD from Surrey Loams Ltd for over thirty years to produce quality pitches." Chris Westbrook, Grounds Manager, Hursley Park Cricket Club.
  • "England coach Peter Moores & former captain Michael Vaughan believe the wicket at Emirates Old Trafford is one of the best in world cricket!" Matt Merchant, Head Groundsman, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Old Trafford.
  • Northern Lawn Tennis Club Des Ruchwaldy, Head Groundsman, The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, Manchester.

About "Surrey Loam"

About "Surrey Loam" and our "GOSTD" "Trade Name" and "Trade Mark"

After many reports, conversations with interested parties and observations on the renovation and construction of cricket wickets over the years we have become concerned that our Company Name "Surrey Loams Ltd" has become synonymous with both Top Dressings and Construction Materials being marketed as "Surrey Loam".

Since 1979 we have followed the precepts of Prof. W. A. Adams of the "The Soil Science Unit" at The Institute of Biological Sciences, University Of Wales, Aberystwyth and since his retirement his colleague Dr. Russell Young MBE. JP. CSci. of "Soil Science Wales Ltd" and we are confident that our "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings" marketed and distributed under the Company's "GOSTD" Trade name and Trade mark since 1984 meet today's exacting requirements.

Indeed it is well documented and those who have utilised our "GOSTD" Brand Products over the years since they were introduced are today still producing consistently good wickets, tennis courts and playing surfaces.

Our soils, loams and sands are drawn from many counties over a wide area of central southern England in order that we may process our "GOSTD" Brand Loams.

To this end we would like to point out the following:

1. Surrey Loams Ltd "The Company" only produces GOSTD brand products - an acronym "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings" - under our GOSTD brand trade mark.

2. The Company's products are only marketed and delivered with a "Surrey Loams Ltd" delivery note bearing the Company's distinctive "GOSTD" "Trade Name" and "Trade Mark" as pictured below.

3. The Company's products are only bagged in distinctive Black and White polythene bags bearing the Company's distinctive "GOSTD" "Trade Name" and "Trade Mark", as shown in the picture below.

Supplies of any material not meeting with the criteria in items 2. and 3. above DO NOT originate from our Company "Surrey Loams Ltd".

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Our Brochure GOSTD Brand Loams "The Original" world class custom blended loams only from Surrey Loams Ltd. Why not request a brochure! Just Click Here!
GOSTD - pronounced 'GHOST' "GOSTD" The 1st Trademarked loams in the UK! GOSTD stands for "Graded Organic Sports Turf Dressings", read all about it here.

GOSTD Products

  • County Cricket Top Dressing - GOSTD Supernatural +

    GOSTD Supernatural Cricket Loam Specifically formulated for test and county class cricket wickets where extended match play is required. GOSTD Supernatural is prepared from Read More
  • Club Cricket Top Dressing - GOSTD 125 +

    GOSTD 125 - Club Cricket Top Dressing Our most popular cricket top dressing GOSTD 125 is a high clay content loam, with excellent binding qualities. A specially Read More
  • School Cricket Top Dressing - GOSTD 75 +

    GOSTD 75 - School Cricket Top Dressing GOSTD 75 Village & School Standard Cricket Wicket Top Dressing & Soil Conditioner is primarily formulated to provide a medium Read More
  • Tennis Court Top Dressing - GOSTD 100 +

    GOSTD 100 GOSTD 100 Tennis Court Top Dressing has been developed in consultation with the leading tennis establishments in the country, where Read More
  • Bowling Green Fine Turf Top Dressing - GOSTD 25 +

    GOSTD 25 Bowling Green Fine Turf Top Dressing & Soil Conditioner GOSTD 25 is a light sandy loam specially formulated for the Read More
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