GOSTD C2000 – Enriched Loam

Enriched Loam

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Organically Enriched Loam is an ideal material for general garden construction, the preparation of shrub beds, planting areas, and the filling of large containers and pots.

When using in containers and pots, add additional grit for drainage and feed when necessary with fertilizer of choice.

Our Organically Enriched Loam is a combination of finely screened medium clay based loam, blended with rich shredded and composted organic matter, to provide all the natural plant nutrients required. Only natural materials are used and there are no chemical additives, or any kind of peat in the product, which has a ph of approximately 7.0.

Why “medium clay” based Loam? Because medium clay based loams and soils produce the most fertile growing media especially when enriched with natural organic compost.

Why “organic” compost? Because natural organic compost is a recycled material, enhancing, not depleting our environment.
It provides additional plant nutrients and improves soil structure invigorating plant growth and health.